Brief #10

Brief: Develop a radio spot for Pantene’s TVC ad utilizing the big idea (“Don’t let labels hold you back”) using a creative execution technique. (50 words max)

Execution: Compare the two genders in the same fields of work (Comparison).

Radio spot: If you think that you owe society  then you will never be able to reach your goal. If he is a fighter then so are you! If he is the boss then so are you! If he is a winner then you were born a winner. #winningitUntitled-1.jpg


Creative Brief #9

Brief: Develop a set of 3 print ads for Pantene, using the big idea (“Don’t let labels hold you back”) presented in the TVC given to you.

Execution Technique: The TVC uses a technique that showcases the gender stereotyping in the corporate world and emotionally unfolds how patronizing our society is.

The following 3 print ads are extension of the TVC using the big idea “Don’t Let Labels Hold You Back.” These print ideas show how women are a labelled unfairly in walks of life that are predominately occupied by men, and if a women tries to progress by breaking the stereotypes of the genre of work then they are labelled for their efforts in a negative light.

1st Advertisement

It shows Ronda Rousey, a world class MMA fighter, who broke the stereotype that women are light fighters. Ronda-Rousey-HD-Wallpapers.jpg


2nd advertisement

Serena Williams has been subjected to sexist slurs because of her body size and is a perfect example of breaking racial and gender stereotypes.article-2750074-21390EC800000578-599_638x835.jpg

3rd Advertisement

Sports Journalism is considered a male oriented career but Alex Curry from fox news sports defied the odds and made a place in the southern California side with her awesome and credible reporting. She is #winningIt in the field which is predominately shadowed by men.

sAlex Curry Fox Sports West        4.jpg

Brief #8

a) Explain the big idea in one sentence.
b) Use the same idea to create another set of 3 ads for Australian Tourism.

a) The big idea is that travelling is the search to find oneself. Australia is a country rich in geographic and cultural diversity which proves to be an excellent place for people to explore themselves. Monotony can kill a person while they are alive and that is why travel is such an important aspect of life, because it helps explore the inner potential that every being possess. The big idea revolves around exploring the world but also exploring the inner world one possesses.

b) The 3 ads for Australian Tourism, with their copy are as follows.

1st Advertisement image.adapt.1663.medium.jpg

Arrived with the burden of a stressful job. Departed with a change in perspective about life.Sandy Cay, Great Barrier Reef is a place where you can snorkel, swim or just relax surrounded by the ocean. You look at the larger picture in life, one that does not revolve around a boring job and monotonous routine but a life where everything is connected to the universe with a purpose and so is your existence.

2nd Advertisement


Arrived hoping to comfort the mind for a while. Departed with a forever comfort of heat and mind. The picture shows that at the end of the day, everything will settle down. Life is cyclic so one shouldn’t worry but rather enjoy the it like there will be no tomorrow.

3rd Advertisement spinifex-02.jpg

Arrived with a lust for art. Departed with a love for art. This poster will be targeted towards aspiring artists on how Australia can be a wonderful country capable of changing a persons view point through its creative air.

Creative Brief #7

Idea: The Hitchhikers Guide to Pakistan

Objective: Engage international audience to follow your campaign on social media

Strategy: Summer is approaching which means that a lot of international and national audience will look for opportunities to go on a vacation. It is perfect to instigate a more culturally diverse and friendly image of Pakistan. Target Market will comprise of international audience as the primary one and national audience as the secondary one-inviting both markets to participate in exploring the diversity of Pakistan. The budget of the campaign will be almost nill because social media posting is free. However, the campaign will be active all through the summer aiming to invite other people. It will use facebook, twitter and periscope to engage and interact with the audience.The media objectives are to invite people to visit Pakistan.

Tagline: This summer from Khyber to Karachi

For facebook there will be an event and a page that will propagate images of Pakistan tourism and also ask people to share their pictures or experiences. It will invite international audience, those who want to visit Pakistan or have been here, to share the best thing they like about the country.

For twitter there will be a hashtag #khyber2karachi that will also invite people to share their experiences and show images of regions of Pakistan for example the post below.Capture

Periscope can be used to show live streaming during the campaign of different areas in Paksitan that people travel to. The media strategy active through out the summer will hopefully bring in people from foreign places keen on exploring the country for themselves.

Brief # 6

Brief:  žSuppose your university’s administration approaches you to develop an Ad campaign with the purpose to revamp University’s brand image among youth. Using JWT’s creative brief format, develop a coherent brief

Problem:  NUST is labelled as an army academic institution so strongly that there is no creative or sport environment in it. It is considered as a strict and uptight institution among other universities.

Opportunity: NUST offers a diverse range of courses and holds many conferences/activities that can help in revamping the image of the institution. Olympaid and NIMUN can be used to revamp the image into a school that fosters creativity and a enjoying learning environment for students.

Target audience:

The target audience is urban youth aged between 18-26 that belong to upper middle class or higher class families. They possess at least an intermediate degree or a-levels, which can be the potential student lot of the institution. Psychography of the youth invovle being liberal free thinkers that are involved in creative arts and activities that foster an inclusive lifestyle that does not discriminate on any values. The artists as they are called, want to progress forward into a bias free world.

With the help of a campaign that fosters the ideals of artists and free thinkers, we can first hand engage the audience to take part in competitions that foster more art. The extra-curricular will be designed to foster a more creative environment and competition such as painting and photography will help in reinforcing this campaign.

The key response needed from this ad campaign is for the target audience to change their already conceived image of NUST i.e. strict army education institution to an arts and creativity institution. Where liberal freethinking is fostered and people are encouraged to take steps that they are afraid of.

The availability of art rooms, activities organized by university’s societies should help produce the desired response from the target audience.

This advertisement campaign should express NUST as a welcoming and accepting institution which not only motivates its students to be creative and innovative but also provides them with the tools and opportunities to fulfill their mental ideals. As a brand, we promise to protect the students’ extra-curricular interests.

Creative Brief #5

Creative Brief: Convert/modify same creative idea (messages from God) to engage the audience with brand, message or medium.

Objective: Getting more people to attend the church service on Sunday

Target Audience: Catholics/ Protestants

The campaign aims to appeal to the modern day youth and encourages them to get involved with the church in their Sunday services. The idea of the campaign is to spread the message about how God does not judge. It blends in with the modern day youth culture instead of being fixed on the old ideals depicted in the christian testament. 1044175_10207090482795469_7993072058660834449_n

The first message shows two rolled up joints in the form of a cross. Usually, spiritualists and hippies use marijuana to reach what they call a “spiritual high”. This message shows that to God it doesn’t matter how you get your spiritual high and people are more than welcome in the church. A person can achieve the nirvana stage through hallucinogenic plants or attending the Sunday service-which has the same ecstatic impact on the human body.1465273_10207090482115452_4440372292968421007_n

Since, Sunday is the day when people go out to party because it is the weekend. The picture of church with the message outside it says, “Get your blessings before you party” which conveys the idea that God has nothing against individuals partying and is the least judgemental about it. It appeals to the urbanized people in the sense of modernized religion. 12814471_10207090481595439_463815272400349425_n

God is dead is the widely quoted statement by Friedrich Nietzche in his book, “The gay science”. The message shows the book and the tagline that shows that man is mortal but God is immortal. It appeals to the spiritualists and philosophers to consider the existence of their creation and come to church in order to discover more about religion.

Advertising Brief- 3

Brief: Create a 3 ad campaign urging youth to donate food, clothes, books, toys, etc to the poor.

Target Audience: Youth and Teenagers

Tagline: What if tomorrow you were in his shoes?

Unified Theme: The use of a well for giving

What if tomorrow you were in his shoes?

The concept of the advertisement campaign is donation. Donation can be in any form and doesn’t necessarily have to be money. The youth does not always have monetary benefits to give but can donate their extra clothes, food, books and toys. However, the main strategy used here is the perception of being in someone else’s place. It means the privilege or well off youth are made to contemplate the idea of being under privilege. This message has a more emotional appeal to it making it effective in conveying the idea of donations.

In the campaign there is a man who is shown throwing stuff such as books, clothes and food in the well. While, there is another man who is on his knees trying to get to the well in order to receive the goods. Now, the tagline what if tomorrow you were in his shoes will show role reversal that will be emotionally appealing to the youth because nobody wants to be under privilege in the society.

How can this appeal to the youth?

Emotional appeal is the best way to mobilize the audience to take action. The campaign will focus on role reversal and will put a focus question up front which is determined to make the audience reflect for a minute. A reflection of hardships is bound to trigger a response in the audience that will make them donate items to the less privileged people. The representation is more like the wishing well often seen in movies and so one has to give in order to get. The idea of being someone who has nothing will be appealing to the sense of kindness that will bring about donations.

Nobody likes to be dependent on anyone.