Brief # 6

Brief:  žSuppose your university’s administration approaches you to develop an Ad campaign with the purpose to revamp University’s brand image among youth. Using JWT’s creative brief format, develop a coherent brief

Problem:  NUST is labelled as an army academic institution so strongly that there is no creative or sport environment in it. It is considered as a strict and uptight institution among other universities.

Opportunity: NUST offers a diverse range of courses and holds many conferences/activities that can help in revamping the image of the institution. Olympaid and NIMUN can be used to revamp the image into a school that fosters creativity and a enjoying learning environment for students.

Target audience:

The target audience is urban youth aged between 18-26 that belong to upper middle class or higher class families. They possess at least an intermediate degree or a-levels, which can be the potential student lot of the institution. Psychography of the youth invovle being liberal free thinkers that are involved in creative arts and activities that foster an inclusive lifestyle that does not discriminate on any values. The artists as they are called, want to progress forward into a bias free world.

With the help of a campaign that fosters the ideals of artists and free thinkers, we can first hand engage the audience to take part in competitions that foster more art. The extra-curricular will be designed to foster a more creative environment and competition such as painting and photography will help in reinforcing this campaign.

The key response needed from this ad campaign is for the target audience to change their already conceived image of NUST i.e. strict army education institution to an arts and creativity institution. Where liberal freethinking is fostered and people are encouraged to take steps that they are afraid of.

The availability of art rooms, activities organized by university’s societies should help produce the desired response from the target audience.

This advertisement campaign should express NUST as a welcoming and accepting institution which not only motivates its students to be creative and innovative but also provides them with the tools and opportunities to fulfill their mental ideals. As a brand, we promise to protect the students’ extra-curricular interests.