Creative Brief #9

Brief: Develop a set of 3 print ads for Pantene, using the big idea (“Don’t let labels hold you back”) presented in the TVC given to you.

Execution Technique: The TVC uses a technique that showcases the gender stereotyping in the corporate world and emotionally unfolds how patronizing our society is.

The following 3 print ads are extension of the TVC using the big idea “Don’t Let Labels Hold You Back.” These print ideas show how women are a labelled unfairly in walks of life that are predominately occupied by men, and if a women tries to progress by breaking the stereotypes of the genre of work then they are labelled for their efforts in a negative light.

1st Advertisement

It shows Ronda Rousey, a world class MMA fighter, who broke the stereotype that women are light fighters. Ronda-Rousey-HD-Wallpapers.jpg


2nd advertisement

Serena Williams has been subjected to sexist slurs because of her body size and is a perfect example of breaking racial and gender stereotypes.article-2750074-21390EC800000578-599_638x835.jpg

3rd Advertisement

Sports Journalism is considered a male oriented career but Alex Curry from fox news sports defied the odds and made a place in the southern California side with her awesome and credible reporting. She is #winningIt in the field which is predominately shadowed by men.

sAlex Curry Fox Sports West        4.jpg


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