Brief #8

a) Explain the big idea in one sentence.
b) Use the same idea to create another set of 3 ads for Australian Tourism.

a) The big idea is that travelling is the search to find oneself. Australia is a country rich in geographic and cultural diversity which proves to be an excellent place for people to explore themselves. Monotony can kill a person while they are alive and that is why travel is such an important aspect of life, because it helps explore the inner potential that every being possess. The big idea revolves around exploring the world but also exploring the inner world one possesses.

b) The 3 ads for Australian Tourism, with their copy are as follows.

1st Advertisement image.adapt.1663.medium.jpg

Arrived with the burden of a stressful job. Departed with a change in perspective about life.Sandy Cay, Great Barrier Reef is a place where you can snorkel, swim or just relax surrounded by the ocean. You look at the larger picture in life, one that does not revolve around a boring job and monotonous routine but a life where everything is connected to the universe with a purpose and so is your existence.

2nd Advertisement


Arrived hoping to comfort the mind for a while. Departed with a forever comfort of heat and mind. The picture shows that at the end of the day, everything will settle down. Life is cyclic so one shouldn’t worry but rather enjoy the it like there will be no tomorrow.

3rd Advertisement spinifex-02.jpg

Arrived with a lust for art. Departed with a love for art. This poster will be targeted towards aspiring artists on how Australia can be a wonderful country capable of changing a persons view point through its creative air.


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