Back your claim by data!

If you’re making a claim in a newspaper then it is necessary to back it up with substantial information and DATA! Because, if you do not have facts to back it up then it wouldn’t be possible to write a good report or establish your credibility as a news reporter.

Infographs have always been helpful in analyzing and simplifying the data for the audience because then it is easier for the common man to read through it rather than make his own calculated assumptions. Graphs, pie charts and other means of information display are helpful in conveying simplified information to the reader. We did a couple of exercises on excel for that purpose which helped us in harnessing our skills of data interpretation.

For a journalist it is necessary to know the basics of how excel works and unluckily, a lot of us go without this basic training. I remember one time talking to this reporter from SNL, Sheharyar Khan, and he told me that for a financial journalist knowing excel is a survival skill. I don’t plan on going into the field of financial journalism but at times, who knows how helpful the skill of simplifying data and presenting it in charts would be!


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