Creative Brief #7

Idea: The Hitchhikers Guide to Pakistan

Objective: Engage international audience to follow your campaign on social media

Strategy: Summer is approaching which means that a lot of international and national audience will look for opportunities to go on a vacation. It is perfect to instigate a more culturally diverse and friendly image of Pakistan. Target Market will comprise of international audience as the primary one and national audience as the secondary one-inviting both markets to participate in exploring the diversity of Pakistan. The budget of the campaign will be almost nill because social media posting is free. However, the campaign will be active all through the summer aiming to invite other people. It will use facebook, twitter and periscope to engage and interact with the audience.The media objectives are to invite people to visit Pakistan.

Tagline: This summer from Khyber to Karachi

For facebook there will be an event and a page that will propagate images of Pakistan tourism and also ask people to share their pictures or experiences. It will invite international audience, those who want to visit Pakistan or have been here, to share the best thing they like about the country.

For twitter there will be a hashtag #khyber2karachi that will also invite people to share their experiences and show images of regions of Pakistan for example the post below.Capture

Periscope can be used to show live streaming during the campaign of different areas in Paksitan that people travel to. The media strategy active through out the summer will hopefully bring in people from foreign places keen on exploring the country for themselves.


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