Profile Writing

So after a week of trying to figure out who to write on, I finally have a pick! *epic drum roll* THE MANGO PEOPLE DUO! I think art on social media rarely gets a voice and are showcased on a platform. This is my opportunity to shed some light on the world of social media art. The mango people duo comprises of Tayyab Tanvir and Sheher Bano. Both are located in Islamabad so grabbing a time slot for the interview won’t be that hard. Also, the character of Piddi is very famous on facebook so this is the perfect time to introduce my instructor to comics!

I’ve already picked this Monday evening as the interview time and am hoping to keep it all casual. Also, some techniques as approaching this in the form of prose writing style with descriptive manner would help me polish up my writing skills. Nut graf is also very important in chalking up a good profile story.  I’m going to be drafting some questions to ask them but overall will keep a more casual tone with the interview. We were provided with sample feature stories in class so hoping to apply some of it in my own story.


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