Journalism is tough

News reporting and writing has been a very demanding course where almost everyday I have to keep an eye on for a potential news story. We got our profiles assigned and have a couple of days to decide on who we would want to do our profile on. I am thinking of either doing it on DD sports of NUST or an internet celebrity. People on the internet will be hard to get in touch with and physically the interview will not be possible, majority of the artists are located in Karachi. However, I was also thinking of doing a feature story on one of our seniors who is involved in creative writing and has her book published in 2014. I can also do one on the teacher in SEECS who is a well known engineer with multiple software houses working in the Silicon valley.

I’m still trying to decide which idea to pitch to my instructor and then develop a report on. In class we covered the basics of headlines and objectivity. Every news report should have a catchy sentence in the first so that the readers get hooked. Some interview tips were also discussed in class. I’ve submitted two reports on the recent champions league but none of them have been published. Hope they get to see the publicity fame soon.


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