Creative Brief #5

Creative Brief: Convert/modify same creative idea (messages from God) to engage the audience with brand, message or medium.

Objective: Getting more people to attend the church service on Sunday

Target Audience: Catholics/ Protestants

The campaign aims to appeal to the modern day youth and encourages them to get involved with the church in their Sunday services. The idea of the campaign is to spread the message about how God does not judge. It blends in with the modern day youth culture instead of being fixed on the old ideals depicted in the christian testament. 1044175_10207090482795469_7993072058660834449_n

The first message shows two rolled up joints in the form of a cross. Usually, spiritualists and hippies use marijuana to reach what they call a “spiritual high”. This message shows that to God it doesn’t matter how you get your spiritual high and people are more than welcome in the church. A person can achieve the nirvana stage through hallucinogenic plants or attending the Sunday service-which has the same ecstatic impact on the human body.1465273_10207090482115452_4440372292968421007_n

Since, Sunday is the day when people go out to party because it is the weekend. The picture of church with the message outside it says, “Get your blessings before you party” which conveys the idea that God has nothing against individuals partying and is the least judgemental about it. It appeals to the urbanized people in the sense of modernized religion. 12814471_10207090481595439_463815272400349425_n

God is dead is the widely quoted statement by Friedrich Nietzche in his book, “The gay science”. The message shows the book and the tagline that shows that man is mortal but God is immortal. It appeals to the spiritualists and philosophers to consider the existence of their creation and come to church in order to discover more about religion.


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