Creative Brief #4

Brief: Develop a set of 3 posters with apparels as a sales medium to promote music, arts and creative experimentation.

Target Audience: Young artists, musicians, free-thinkers, non-conformists.

Tagline: #Originals4eva

Unified Theme: Breaking the stereotypes that society expects us to play.

The theme of the posters revolves around the concept of being original and breaking the stereotypes that the society has imposed on people who dare to express themselves. #OrigInals4eva is the unifying theme in the form of a hashtag to express individualism and confidence.


The tagline for this poster focuses on painters who have a knack for progressive rock music such as Pink Floyd. The painting on the canvas is a focus on his album “Darkside of the moon”. “The dark side of the moon isn’t that dark anymore”, is using his album cover and title to promote originality. It implies that one does not have to listen to contemporary music to come up with new art. It breaks the general stereotype people have against artists. 12800221_10207039965092558_392765238989039631_n

The second poster for the apparel focuses on how being educated in the current times is not being nerdy but something that is incredible. “Nerd is the new sexy #OrigInals4eva” focuses on bashing the societal stereotype that if one is involved in academics then he/she is a nerd  but instead it is extremely attractive to be involved in academics.

12814692_10207039964412541_5064925936782186417_nUsually girls in music are rare and them playing a bass guitar in a dress is a rare occurrence. The tagline, “who says you cant rock in a dress?” puts focus on breaking another societal stereotype of girls being in dresses and playing guitars on stage.

The apparel focuses on being original in your own skin and owning the world without caring what the society will think. It breaks stereotype all the while promoting a sensible fashion choice that zooms in on being confident. This concept will motivate youth who believe in being “original” to purchase the brand apparels.


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