Advertising Brief- 3

Brief: Create a 3 ad campaign urging youth to donate food, clothes, books, toys, etc to the poor.

Target Audience: Youth and Teenagers

Tagline: What if tomorrow you were in his shoes?

Unified Theme: The use of a well for giving

What if tomorrow you were in his shoes?

The concept of the advertisement campaign is donation. Donation can be in any form and doesn’t necessarily have to be money. The youth does not always have monetary benefits to give but can donate their extra clothes, food, books and toys. However, the main strategy used here is the perception of being in someone else’s place. It means the privilege or well off youth are made to contemplate the idea of being under privilege. This message has a more emotional appeal to it making it effective in conveying the idea of donations.

In the campaign there is a man who is shown throwing stuff such as books, clothes and food in the well. While, there is another man who is on his knees trying to get to the well in order to receive the goods. Now, the tagline what if tomorrow you were in his shoes will show role reversal that will be emotionally appealing to the youth because nobody wants to be under privilege in the society.

How can this appeal to the youth?

Emotional appeal is the best way to mobilize the audience to take action. The campaign will focus on role reversal and will put a focus question up front which is determined to make the audience reflect for a minute. A reflection of hardships is bound to trigger a response in the audience that will make them donate items to the less privileged people. The representation is more like the wishing well often seen in movies and so one has to give in order to get. The idea of being someone who has nothing will be appealing to the sense of kindness that will bring about donations.

Nobody likes to be dependent on anyone.

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