Twitter comes handy

In our class we got a twitter assignment and I decided to do one on my beat. PSL is really in these days so my first intuition was to search for it in the search bar. Karachi kings are against Islamabad United in the second playoffs. Twitter seemed to be a cluster of opinions at the moment but what got my attention was how people stereotyped a lot about the teams in relation to which city they were from. 2

The people near me, since my location option was turned on were cheering for Islamabad. However, citizens of Karachi were seen making fun of Islamabad. Islamabad was doing the same, personally, I’m from Lahore so neither of these two teams appeal me much. I’m in full support of Lahore, but what I got the gist from general public opinion was that Peshawar Zalmi and Karachi Kings are the audience favorite.Capture

And people showed support for their players even though, its a Pakistani league but even within it everyone has picked their favorites. There are polls on twitter deciding which team will take home the glory and while Karachi and Peshawar are favorites, Quetta Gladiators marked their ground in the previous match. It came off as a big blow for those who had been taking Quetta very leniently and now, they are considered a strong team in opposition with others for the cup. This can turn out to be a potential story, “who will take the glory home?” in which I could analyze audience point of view and go through the pros and cons of the players, but it would be more of an opinion piece than a news story. I can ask my teacher if asking audience opinion would turn it into a potential news story.

While, some seem overly eager for the  PSL there are some who think it is being taken all too seriously.3

I tried optimizing my search by focusing on the official hashtag of the match which helped in getting a lot more better feedback. So, in order to search something on twitter be sure to know the official hashtag and then go into advance searches. This really boosts up what you’re looking for in the audience response. 4.JPG

My potential story can be covering the PSL or analyzing who will take the cup home, but first I would need to talk to my teacher and editor about it.


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