I’m starting to get some of it

Who knew being a sports journalism would be so tough? I mean, people are so biased in their perspective and I am as well, that it literally impacts my news reporting. I still have no story sent in which is disappointing but patience is the key.Finding stories and doing background research on it before formulating questions is very important. It is important to know the background of the issue so that relevant questions or a perspective can be formed when filing a story.

Now, there are a lot of ways to do background research but I prefer the internet. Twitter comes in handy if you want to know the opinion of the majority which also helps in fishing a potential story. Other than that, we learnt some filing techniques and methods of filing a story that is accurate plus indulges the reader. Accuracy and fact checking is important even under the pressure of deadlines. Just because every other media outlet is reporting on a shaky ground that does not mean that you have to follow the footsteps. Work on the story till you actually have solid information, which always pays off in the end. Credibility matters a lot when it comes to filing stories because the smallest of mistakes can make people question your work ethics. Accuracy and credibility come under the topic of objectivity which means, that no matter what your story is there is a need to avoid bias. You have to remain objective and not let your personal bias prevail in your work because often, people start associating you as a subjective journalist which is damaging to the work credibility.

I’m working on a story but there seems to be no feasible progress in the matter. I hope that this phase passes and I churn out a really good story. My editor is from my senior batch, Sohaib. He seems very passionate about cricket and is a good guide.


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