Got my beat!

Being very passionate about sports, when my teacher asked about the beat I wanted for myself then this was the only answer! I picked sports because it is something that I know and have information on. I’m not just only talking about football (which I love) but basically, all sorts of sports. I’ve spent days in the hostel debating about cricket with my friends and basketball with seniors. Plus, being a part of NUST football team, I think this beat seemed much more natural. There are numerous sport events that can be covered both inside campus and outside campus. Not only this, the Pakistan super league is going on which provides an excellent opportunity for me to write on. Champions league is also going on. Inside campus, as soon as spring starts every school will hold their sports gala which I can cover for my beat as well.

TABA Youth chapter is holding their nust gaming competition which doesn’t count as a sports, but digital gaming is still a form of sports (I think). March will start of with the Futsal event held by NCSC, so I have a lot of opportunity to cover sports both inside and out of campus. There are  a lot of stories that can be covered and I cannot wait to pitch in my two cent of opinion but it all depends on the story that I get assigned with. However, this is one course where I’m looking forward to show my skills and gain journalist experience out of-by which I mean that since now we’ve been focusing on theory a lot so on field work will be helpful in getting to know the true roots. People get very defensive when it comes to the sports they love or players, and other peoples opinion I’m not very keen on digesting so this might be a new venture in life. I will be on the listening end of the communication instead of the talking end for once. The teacher gave us a checklist and a BBC styling guide, so let this new adventure begin!


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