Advertising Brief- 3

Brief: Create a 3 ad campaign urging youth to donate food, clothes, books, toys, etc to the poor.

Target Audience: Youth and Teenagers

Tagline: What if tomorrow you were in his shoes?

Unified Theme: The use of a well for giving

What if tomorrow you were in his shoes?

The concept of the advertisement campaign is donation. Donation can be in any form and doesn’t necessarily have to be money. The youth does not always have monetary benefits to give but can donate their extra clothes, food, books and toys. However, the main strategy used here is the perception of being in someone else’s place. It means the privilege or well off youth are made to contemplate the idea of being under privilege. This message has a more emotional appeal to it making it effective in conveying the idea of donations.

In the campaign there is a man who is shown throwing stuff such as books, clothes and food in the well. While, there is another man who is on his knees trying to get to the well in order to receive the goods. Now, the tagline what if tomorrow you were in his shoes will show role reversal that will be emotionally appealing to the youth because nobody wants to be under privilege in the society.

How can this appeal to the youth?

Emotional appeal is the best way to mobilize the audience to take action. The campaign will focus on role reversal and will put a focus question up front which is determined to make the audience reflect for a minute. A reflection of hardships is bound to trigger a response in the audience that will make them donate items to the less privileged people. The representation is more like the wishing well often seen in movies and so one has to give in order to get. The idea of being someone who has nothing will be appealing to the sense of kindness that will bring about donations.

Nobody likes to be dependent on anyone.

Twitter comes handy

In our class we got a twitter assignment and I decided to do one on my beat. PSL is really in these days so my first intuition was to search for it in the search bar. Karachi kings are against Islamabad United in the second playoffs. Twitter seemed to be a cluster of opinions at the moment but what got my attention was how people stereotyped a lot about the teams in relation to which city they were from. 2

The people near me, since my location option was turned on were cheering for Islamabad. However, citizens of Karachi were seen making fun of Islamabad. Islamabad was doing the same, personally, I’m from Lahore so neither of these two teams appeal me much. I’m in full support of Lahore, but what I got the gist from general public opinion was that Peshawar Zalmi and Karachi Kings are the audience favorite.Capture

And people showed support for their players even though, its a Pakistani league but even within it everyone has picked their favorites. There are polls on twitter deciding which team will take home the glory and while Karachi and Peshawar are favorites, Quetta Gladiators marked their ground in the previous match. It came off as a big blow for those who had been taking Quetta very leniently and now, they are considered a strong team in opposition with others for the cup. This can turn out to be a potential story, “who will take the glory home?” in which I could analyze audience point of view and go through the pros and cons of the players, but it would be more of an opinion piece than a news story. I can ask my teacher if asking audience opinion would turn it into a potential news story.

While, some seem overly eager for the  PSL there are some who think it is being taken all too seriously.3

I tried optimizing my search by focusing on the official hashtag of the match which helped in getting a lot more better feedback. So, in order to search something on twitter be sure to know the official hashtag and then go into advance searches. This really boosts up what you’re looking for in the audience response. 4.JPG

My potential story can be covering the PSL or analyzing who will take the cup home, but first I would need to talk to my teacher and editor about it.

I’m starting to get some of it

Who knew being a sports journalism would be so tough? I mean, people are so biased in their perspective and I am as well, that it literally impacts my news reporting. I still have no story sent in which is disappointing but patience is the key.Finding stories and doing background research on it before formulating questions is very important. It is important to know the background of the issue so that relevant questions or a perspective can be formed when filing a story.

Now, there are a lot of ways to do background research but I prefer the internet. Twitter comes in handy if you want to know the opinion of the majority which also helps in fishing a potential story. Other than that, we learnt some filing techniques and methods of filing a story that is accurate plus indulges the reader. Accuracy and fact checking is important even under the pressure of deadlines. Just because every other media outlet is reporting on a shaky ground that does not mean that you have to follow the footsteps. Work on the story till you actually have solid information, which always pays off in the end. Credibility matters a lot when it comes to filing stories because the smallest of mistakes can make people question your work ethics. Accuracy and credibility come under the topic of objectivity which means, that no matter what your story is there is a need to avoid bias. You have to remain objective and not let your personal bias prevail in your work because often, people start associating you as a subjective journalist which is damaging to the work credibility.

I’m working on a story but there seems to be no feasible progress in the matter. I hope that this phase passes and I churn out a really good story. My editor is from my senior batch, Sohaib. He seems very passionate about cricket and is a good guide.


When Iran showcased its Dewar-E-Meharbani (a project for social betterment) there were many similar projects similar that took place around Asia. Ours was inspired by the initial project as well but with a different touch. Our group for the project collaborated with the DO GOOD MOB and set up “Ghubaara-E-Meharbani”, which was aimed at street children. Basically, the idea was to spread love on Valentine day through small gestures. Our small gesture included giving out free candy and balloons. The project took place in F-7, Jinnah Super Market Islamabad.

Initiating ghubaara-e-meharbani
Initiating ghubaara-e-meharbani

Our target audiences were street children and the unfortunate people living on the street who are not able to afford the simple luxuries of life. The primary objective of the social project was to deliver the values of being kind to children and the under privilege class, the secondary objective was to make known that kindness is an act of love that is rarely showcased in our society to strangers. The government banned valentine day and this provided the perfect opportunity to raise awareness that love need not be specified to a partner always, but comes in general acts of being kind towards other people. This brought focus to the idea of love and kindness to strangers or people we meet on the streets in our daily life.

Children playing with balloons after we initiated the wall

The name Ghubaara-E-Meharbani originated from the concept of filling balloons with candies that were hung at a wall and everyone was encouraged to take one. What we often see is hesitation among children and people in general when they receive something nice from strangers. The wall invited everyone to participate to a full extent. Our wall was fully assembled around 11 am which on a weekend in the twin city is very early but as soon as we started there were children lurking around eager to see what we were setting up.

Around the same time we were in the process of setting up the wall, Channel 24 came to report on our project. Being recognized for your projects of social betterment is actually a very nice feeling that motivates you to do more. The wall was initiated at around 11:30 while my group members gave interview to the news channel reporter.

Mohammad Mehtaab, a teenage boy had an air machine to fill balloons with and was awesome enough to help us out throughout the event. At first, the children were a bit reluctant to go near the wall and get something but from our teams encouragement they overcame their doubts. After a while, kids were seen playing with balloons and even were kind enough to inflate some later.

Sheer joy while playing with balloons
Sheer joy while playing with balloons

This was a social project so mobilizing the people around us was very important. Our team went ahead to convince people to participate by blowing up balloons and giving it to the children in the crowd. A group of boys travelling all the way from Lahore were kind enough to participate in our social cause by inflating balloons and giving it to children nearby.

Our supplies ran out around 2:30 and it took us half an hour to disassemble our setup. Around the time we were all going to grab a bite, a child came up begging. But, we really did not have anything with us except a balloon that we gave to her. Seeing her smile made my day, honestly.

A basket can put a smile on someones face.
A basket can put a smile on someones face.

Ghubaara-e-meharbani taught me the value of being nice to people around me regardless of who they are. Normally, street children who are seen begging get shooed away or even badly treated but this invoked the idea of treating them with kindness because after all, every being deserves to be treated with respect.

Got my beat!

Being very passionate about sports, when my teacher asked about the beat I wanted for myself then this was the only answer! I picked sports because it is something that I know and have information on. I’m not just only talking about football (which I love) but basically, all sorts of sports. I’ve spent days in the hostel debating about cricket with my friends and basketball with seniors. Plus, being a part of NUST football team, I think this beat seemed much more natural. There are numerous sport events that can be covered both inside campus and outside campus. Not only this, the Pakistan super league is going on which provides an excellent opportunity for me to write on. Champions league is also going on. Inside campus, as soon as spring starts every school will hold their sports gala which I can cover for my beat as well.

TABA Youth chapter is holding their nust gaming competition which doesn’t count as a sports, but digital gaming is still a form of sports (I think). March will start of with the Futsal event held by NCSC, so I have a lot of opportunity to cover sports both inside and out of campus. There are  a lot of stories that can be covered and I cannot wait to pitch in my two cent of opinion but it all depends on the story that I get assigned with. However, this is one course where I’m looking forward to show my skills and gain journalist experience out of-by which I mean that since now we’ve been focusing on theory a lot so on field work will be helpful in getting to know the true roots. People get very defensive when it comes to the sports they love or players, and other peoples opinion I’m not very keen on digesting so this might be a new venture in life. I will be on the listening end of the communication instead of the talking end for once. The teacher gave us a checklist and a BBC styling guide, so let this new adventure begin!